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Spirituality is a natural part of life and is embedded in our brain and body. But most of us don’t have the right tools to access it.

Based on science and ancient wisdom, the Naturality programs guide us through our own natural process of spiritual awakening. Developed over 30 years by the physician and spiritual teacher Jivasu, Naturality has been taught to thousands of seekers around the world.

Why Naturality?

Naturality is “to live according to our nature and walk our own path.” We offer a space where seekers can come together to explore their unique paths and be liberated from fear, guilt and sorrow to live in peace, joy and creative passion. Naturality is open for all, regardless of background, culture or experiences.

Our programs offer a new way to approach self-discovery and mind-body integration.  Naturality is a complete holistic framework, that integrates

  • biology
  • psychology
  • neuroscience
  • Ayurveda
  • somatics
  • and ancient practices.

Our spiritual programs take into account each person’s unique physiology and personality. By using tailored mind-body modalities such as yoga, meditation, breathwork, mindfulness practices,  dialogue and reflection, we are able to discover our own unique spiritual path. 

Naturality is the process of understanding the cause of fear, conflict and discontentment. It is also the process of understanding how to free ourselves from this prison.

We have to open the book of life, investigate and find the answers, like scientists. The Naturality framework is a guide to help us unlock our own innate spirituality. 

Our Programs

All of our programs take place online through Zoom. Drop in for our free online weekly gatherings or sign up for a workshop. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity for spiritual exploration therefore if finances are a barrier for you, please contact us for sliding scale options. 

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Kundalini and Chakras Program



Awaken Kundalini energy and Chakras for healing & transformation.

2 weekends, April-May

Natural Spirituality

Natural Spirituality:
Freedom from fear, guilt, & Suffering

Access spiritual growth, increased awareness, & connection with the body & earth. 

2 weekends, April-May


(100 hours)

Teach the science, psychology and spirituality of meditation using the Naturality approach. 

6 weekends, April-June


We explore spirituality from many angles. Topics include meditation, mind-body medicine, chakras, kundalini, energy, neurobiology and more. Want to become a contributor? Contact us to learn how


Naturality founder Jivasu and Naturality Lead Teacher Mira offer everything from guided meditations, to lessons on aging well, insights on building lasting relationships and more. We add new content regularly. 

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