What is Somatofulness?

Within our body flows the most powerful force of the universe, the force of life energy.  Through Somatofulness, we can connect to the body and access this energy. It is the most simple and direct way to:

Heal trauma

Attain complete emotional and mental health

Connect to the earth and the universe for maximum living and fulfilment

The Somatofulness framework has been in development for over 30 years and has been taught to thousands of seekers around the world. Somatofulness teachings break down the process into a clear, step-by-step learning, grounded in science and body. 

What we offer

Using body awareness, body based somatic practices and through understanding our Somatic personality, Somatofulness programs help us to connect to the body and release its life energy.  This can help us to heal trauma, and attain complete emotional and mental health. We can then live with peace, vitality and well-being.

Programs include online live interactive sessions, personal mentoring and home study through recorded videos and handouts.

Connect With Community From Home

All of our programs take place online through Zoom. Drop in for our free online weekly gatherings. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity for self-exploration therefore if finances are a barrier for you, please contact us for sliding scale options. 

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We explore many topics. Topics include meditation, mind-body medicine, chakras, kundalini, energy, neurobiology and more. Want to become a contributor? Contact us to learn how


Connect and learn from Somatofulness founder Jivasu and Lead Teacher Mira. They offer everything from guided meditations, to lessons on aging well, insights on building lasting relationships and more. We add new content regularly. 

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