Chakras, Kundalini and Evolution

From the emergence of the universe to the formation of the earth, from democracy, materialism and the growth of science, the history of evolution is contained in the dynamic conscious energy which flows through the human body and the nervous system. The seven chakras are like the seven brains, and each brain is a milestone on our evolutionary journey. 

These insights are brilliantly expressed in three Sanskrit words ‘Pind mein Brahamand’, which means “Universe lives in the body”.

But the chakras and Kundalini energy not only contains what has happened in the past, but also gives a clear clues about what is happening in present.

These insights are grounded in science and biology and are based on the observations of the last 28 years as consciousness has unfolded itself in the body and nervous system. The process is still going on.

Environmental catastrophe is inevitable 

As evolution moved forward from the first chakra, it brought more ways to enjoy life and more fear of death.   People coped by worshipping and praying to the elements of nature, gods, goddesses, spirits and finally God. That was the case up to the fourth chakra. But at the fifth chakra something changed. With the discovery of the new tools of reason and science, humans started to take control of the material world which was previously governed by God and the spirits. Such control over matter and energy brought an explosion of creativity and technology, which transformed the human world. Humans began to become the master of their world which slowly started replacing God with science and technology. 

Technology brought unprecedented comfort and pleasure to many. And that was the enjoyment of life. But by being at the fifth chakra and with an increase in knowledge, fear and anxiety about death also increased.  This time it was not coped with by the old gods, spirits and God, but by the increased material safety and consumption to prolong life and its pleasure. Instead of the ego’s continuance in the world of spirit, heaven, and rebirth, the emphasis was on living in the material world as much as possible with pleasure and comforts.

With the rapidly increasing number of consumers, people soon realized that the earth’s natural resources were limited and would eventually run out. But no one is ready to listen. A consumer is an addict, and the consumption is an addiction. Who is going to stop whom? All of us are involved in it. It’s a massive movement which cuts across race, religion, and countries. Except for the very few, most of us are in the same boat of consumerism.  The fatal attraction of the consumerism, is that beside the addiction to comforts and pleasure, it also gives a sense of power and self-esteem to which the ego is attached. And why not? After all, the self-esteem is ego’s lifeline.

This process is now unstoppable and the earth can’t sustain the consumption at such high and massive levels. We are moving towards inevitable environmental disaster.

But this disaster is also good news. Its force and destruction will be like a death impact on humanity which will bring a radical change in the consciousness of a significant number of people, by pushing them into the sixth chakra and then making them come out at the seventh. The seventh chakra is the chakra of awakening of the individual consciousness and well-being, which will result in de-addiction and de-conditioning. That will be the beginning of an entirely new era. From the first chakra to the fifth, it was the formation and the growth of the ego, the sixth chakra was the shattering of the ego and the seventh chakra is the entry into a new consciousness in which the ego becomes subservient rather than functioning as the master, as it did until the fifth chakra.

But the seventh chakra is not the end. After the flowering of the seventh chakra, further expansion of consciousness will begin.  This we can name involution. In involution, individual consciousness starts to universalize. The individual person becomes a universal being.

  ‘Evolution is suffering, evolution is celebration’           Jivasu

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