Our multidisciplinary faculty are respected professionals that come from around the world and have worked with Jivasu for many years. Each brings their own knowledge and expertise to the Naturality approach including- Ayurveda, yoga, music, meditation and mind-body medicine. 

Jivasu.org Faculty- Heidi Dotchin


Heidi was born to be a teacher, and, for her, teaching is a meditative experience. That is why her students from all over the world admire her. In 2003, Heidi became interested in meditation as a way of managing chronic pain and anxiety. Through regular practice, her suffering lessened, and, eventually, became a source of great transformation. Since 2013, she is teaching Naturality and meditation in Hamilton and the Toronto area. She lives on a small hobby farm with her husband and enjoys taking care of their many animals.

Jivasu.org Faculty- Dr. Kalpana Gupta


Kalpana is a physician from Dehradun. Her search took her to explore mind-body medicine and higher levels of consciousness. She completed a course titled, “The Science of Well-Being,” from Yale University, as well as two other courses, “Safe Motherhood Fellowship” and “Health System Decentralization,” from WHO and Harvard University. She is a regular practitioner of yoga and meditation, supporting others through her powerful techniques. She teaches integrative mind-body medicine at a medical institute in India.

Dr. Sharon McCleave

Irina Ck

Irina is certified yoga teacher. She spent 7 years in India, researching about yogic way of living and spirituality. Irina has built a strong foundation through many ancient and traditional practices. Her main inspiration are people that live what they teach. Irina says that she had never searched for one guru, but always tended to see the guru in every person around. She felt that there is great knowledge that is hidden within each of us. “Since you choose the path of self-knowledge, you become a co-creator of your life”.

Henry Krishna

henry krishna

Henry Krishna is a musician, sharing his musical expressions of the joys of union through sound and song under the banner of “OmniBlossom.” This term is used to describe a particular aspect of divinity that is the continuous driving force working to bring every atom in creation to the fullest expression of its own nature. OmniBlossom can be best experienced as sound emerging from silence in the present moment.

Jivasu.org Faculty- Cindy Carey

DR. Sharon McCleave

Sharon is a professor of the health and social sciences at Seneca College, working with undergraduate students in therapeutic recreation, community mental health, behavioural psychology, and nursing. She served as program coordinator for the Honours Bachelor of Therapeutic Recreation degree for the past eight years.

Additionally, she is a former practitioner of osteopathic medicine and a medical technician. Her research initiatives in the past have concentrated on the social determinants of health, sociopolitical influences on the understanding of health, and access to healthcare. More recently, she has immersed herself in investigative work in therapeutic community music.

Specifically, she is currently generating a conceptual model through grounded theory that embraces community music, the recovery model of care, and Salutogenesis. She is a multi-instrumentalist and private music instructor, with a Master of Arts degree in community music.

Kim Lan Toffin

Kim lan Toffin

Kim is the director and trainer of the Suwen center in France.  Of Chinese origin and Singaporean nationality, Kim is strongly imbued with alternative medicine and Asian traditions. She had the chance to live in Singapore and India where she acquired the techniques reconciling Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Traditional Indian Medicine (Ayurveda-Yoga)

Kim advocates the holistic and natural approach of well-being and well-being through naturalness, knowing yourself, listening to yourself, respecting the body and its rhythm and living naturally according to your nature to find your true destiny as well as ease in life.

PT. Shivananda sharma

Born of a musical family in a far north eastern region of India, Shivananda initiated his musical journey from his father. Further he continued learning tabla from ustad Ilmas Husain khan saheeb of Lucknow gharana and violin from Pt. Sukdev Prasad Misra of Banaras. As a tabla player, he accompanied many renowned vocalist and instrumentalists of north Indian classical music and, as violin player he gave many recitals. Besides his classical music career Shivananda Sharma also performs “nam sankirtan”-kirtan in “sangh”-group.based in Rishikesh. He also performed around in United States and France.

In Rishikesh, Shivananda is working as a music teacher in  Nirmal ashram’s school “NGA” and he regularly does kirtan in yoga centers and teach music..

Pt. Somanth Nirmal

Somanth Nirmal is a professional Indian classical musician with mastery in Pakhawaj (Mradang) & Tabla. A sought-after performer both on live shows and recordings, Somnath is widely recognized as one of best pakhawaj and tabla player in Rishikesh, India.

Inspired by his mother Mrs. Kaushalya Nirmal and father, Mr. Subash Rao Nirmal from Maharastra, India, he started his initial learning of Tabla and Pakhawaj (Mradang) at the tender age of 12. He received his B.A. (Bimyuj) and B.ed in Pakhawaj and Tabla from Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Prayagraj, U.P.

He regularly participates in music seminars, festival and music concerts all over India. He has received many special awards and recognition from Madhurama Sangeet Samiti, Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Namami Gange Festival, Divine Shakti Foundation (Parmarth Niketan), International Yoga Festival, National Environment Exhibition, and East West Festival, Rishikesh, Bharat Vikas Parishad and many others.

He is currently teaching and sharing his vast knowledge and expertise of classical music, meditation and sound healing at Divine Shakti Foundation (Parmarth Niketan), Rishikesh, Nada Yoga School, Devotion Music and Naturality (Canada).

Cindy Carey

Cindy Carey is a performing arts teacher, director, composer, and musician. A spiritual seeker since birth, Cindy discovered Nada Yoga through Jivasu. She chants with the intent to heal the mind-body and send good energy into the world.

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