Meditation Is Not Just Relaxation

Meditation is not just Relaxation

by Mira Rostami

Most people think that meditation is for relaxation and to give us a relief after a stressful day. Although this is true, meditation is also much more than just simple relaxation. Meditation practices were cultivated by ancient cultures to put our human brain in a state of silence so that it doesn’t constantly anticipate the future, interfere, and interpret all the time. Meditation is about putting our human brain in a non-chattering mode so we can look within and hear our deepest true voices. It is about giving us glimpses into the deepest part of our being so we can remember our true nature.  It is to remember that we are not separate beings and that everything in this universe is interconnected.  

Meditation is a path to our innate nature and individual flowering. Once we feel this innermost nature of our being, we realize we are already complete and enough. We fall in love with our existence and everything in existence becomes a blessing. All other desires disappear, and we move into life with one desire and that is to go deeper and deeper into our unlimited rings of our being and to express our full potential.  

With the right meditation practice we will be less and less dominated by our habits and our constant inner conflicts disappear. Life becomes an inner dance and pure joy. The field of our consciousness becomes a house where all uninvited guests of negative emotions, pain and sorrow are welcome. We choose to remain in awareness and stay conscious. We let all the negative experienced to be there, but we remain conscious that they are only guests and eventually they will leave. Nothing is permanent. We become the watcher and let all experiences come and go without leaving any scars on the surface of our being.  

With a mediation practice and passion in our heart, a gradual transformation of all negative experiences will happen. Our habitual patterns will drop and for the first time our eyes can see clearly. Life becomes blissful even in presence of pain, sorrow, and negative emotions. 

To get a glimpse of what meditation can offer try the following contemplative meditation practice.

For “a day“ try to say “YES” in every situation and become conscious what this approach is offering you. Notice that you will feel a great resistance to say “NO” because you are conditioned and biologically wired to say “NO”.  It is a protective mechanism built in our biology and reinforced by society to strengthen our identity.
Saying yes doesn’t mean that you cannot say no. It only means you will begin your journey with yes.  We are wired biologically to always say “NO”, and reject the unpleasant situations, things or people. This rejection triggers our sympathetic nervous system. When we are in fight and flight, the only thing we think about is survival. There is no room for acceptance of the situation. On the other hand, If we start with the “Yes”, we stimulate our parasympathetic nervous system which allows us to have more clarity and a sense of security. This will provide a positive space for pain, sorrow, and negative emotions to tell us their messages. Your brain will change itself when we drop our rejections and embrace ourselves as we are. In this clarity, if the message is to say “NO” then we will take right action with awareness and not reacting to simply survive. 
This is one of the most important steps in the journey of meditation.
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