Natural Spirituality

Freedom from Fear, Guilt & Suffering

Experience a new kind of personal growth. Naturality, or Natural Spirituality, means to understand the unique nature of the mind-body and its ability to access higher states of energy and consciousness to initiate a new way of living. This path leads to personal growth, increased awareness, and facilitates our return to the body, to the earth, and to the highest states of consciousness.

In this program you will learn about

  • Building a Healthy Identity to find our place in the world
  • Understand your Natural Personality for lifestyle management and personal growth
  • Existential Crisis to integrate shadow for healing
  • Natural Self to discover your creative potential and destiny
  • Cosmic and Non-Dual Intelligence to experience peace, passion and bliss
  • Peak Intelligence to live in day today world with non-attachment


Each session will include a complete spiritual practice with gentle sitting movements, breathing exercise and meditations.


Self-study material will be sent to you via e-mail to generate questions pertaining to your unique individuality. Self-study material will fit into your personal time frame and should not overwhelm you.

Live Talks, Dialogues and Practices

We then will invite you to join live online presentations, dialogues, question and answer sessions, and practices to thoroughly explore and experience the Naturality approach. 

Home Practice

The home practice, which includes self-feedback, will provide you with an opportunity to continue your personal growth outside of the course. 

For Whom

Individuals who are interested in personal growth, healing, spirituality and increasing self-awareness. 

Workshop Components:

Live online – Once or twice a month – Saturday and Sunday – 4 hours each for two months – Total of 16 hours

At home – Video recordings, self-assessment, readings, practices 

The Naturality approach has been in developed over 30 years by spiritual teacher and physician Jivasu. Questions? Contact us. 

Dates (2 weekends)

Saturday- Sunday: April 10-11 and May 8-9 2021, 12pm-4pm EST

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