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Deepen your understanding, access inner peace and higher consciousness through our online spiritual programs.

The Naturality (natural spirituality) framework has been in development for over 30 years and has been taught to thousands of seekers around the world. Naturality breaks down the process of self-realization into a clear, step-by-step process grounded in science. Using movement, meditation, breathwork, guided spiritual exploration and dialogue, find a sense of inner peace and expansive awareness. Visit our Youtube Channel to hear Jivasu speak. 

For the last 10 years, spiritual seekers have been visiting Rishikesh, India (the yoga capital of the world) to learn from Jivasu. But now, for the first time, our courses are being offered virtually and are conducted through Zoom. Whether your goal is inner peace, healing or deeper understanding, we hope to connect with you in our virtual space.  Programs are open for global registration.

Naturality Gatherings

Naturality Community Gatherings (FREE)

Virtual spiritual community gatherings with Jivasu.  Discussion, meditation and breathwork.

Sundays, 10:00am-11:30am EST

The power of dreams

Discovering The Power of Dreams

Teachings & practices to interpret dreams for healing, creativity, and spiritual progress.

3-part workshop. March 2021

Secret of Loving Relationships

The Secret of Loving Relationships

Explore how to sustain love and relationships, as well as how to rekindle and protect it.

3-part workshop. March 2021

Emotionally intelligent mentally wise

Emotionally Intelligent, Mentally Wise

Finding emotional balance and mental wellbeing through Naturality teachings & practices.

4 part workshop. March-April 2021

Music and Meditation Festival

Meditation & Music Festival (free)

The program will include seven major meditations & seven sessions of music & chants by master teachers.

March 27-28, 11am-4pm EST

Natural Spirituality

Natural Spirituality:

Freedom From Fear, guilt & Suffering

Access spiritual growth, increased awareness, & connection with the body & earth. 

2 weekends, April-May

Understanding Death To Live Fully

Understanding Death To Live Fully

Learn to become free of the fear of death and to help others in dying peacefully. 

4-part workshop. April

Teaching The Art & Science of Meditation

(100 hours)

Teach the science, psychology and spirituality of meditation using the Naturality approach. 

6 weekends, April-June

Kundalini and Chakras Program

Kundalini & Chakras:

Accessing Life's Energy

Awaken Kundalini energy and Chakras for healing & transformation. 

2 weekends, April-May

Aging: A Time For Adventure & Fulfillment


A Time For Adventure & Fulfillment

How to cultivate well-being, creativity, and fulfillment as we age. 

4-part workshop. April 2021

Whole Again Healing From Trauma

Whole Again

Healing Childhood Trauma

Neurobiology & psychology of childhood trauma & how we can start the process of healing. 

4-part workshop, April, 2021

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