Knowledge and Understanding- Natural Spirituality

What is Naturality

Naturality- Understanding Our True Nature

Many of us have accumulated a lot of knowledge and experience but it remains fragmented. We are not able to integrate everything we have learned. In Naturality, we learn to integrate our knowledge and experiences, and weave them into a harmonious whole. As we go through this process of integration, we experience insights that expand our consciousness. Knowledge turns into wisdom. As our awareness and consciousness expand and deepen, we are able to access passion and peace and finally are freed from fear and guilt. 

Naturality is an innate, natural path of spiritual awakening. On the Naturality path, we understand the natural patterns and rhythms of our body, mind, and feelings.  With that knowledge, we can align ourselves with those patterns and rhythms, unlocking our highest potential. 

The Naturality process starts with building a healthy identity. We need to have a stable source of self-esteem to find our place in the world, which lays the groundwork for us to embrace the personality we were born with. Understanding our own personality is to read the book of our own life. This knowledge helps us in healing our emotional scars, cleans us from the burdens of the past, and allows us to arrive at our true nature, or Natural Self

Without realizing our own true nature, we become merely reflections and shadows of our family, society, and culture. Although these are essential for rooting us in the world in early life, we must eventually go beyond them to find who we truly are. 

By realizing our Natural Self, we discover five natural celebrations inherent in us. The first celebration is our inner power, to become an independent and creative person; the second is the meaning of our life, which comes from within; the third is the experience of self-love, through which we accept who we are; the fourth is our inner happiness, which is not dependent on the world; and the fifth is realizing our destiny, knowing what we are supposed to do in the world. 

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